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"Ana helped us to dramatically reduce conflict and stress in the family."

I happen to be a trained, certified professional in the field of behavioral science, with over 20 year of experience in the field of parenting counseling.

But I am also a mom to a spirited, talented 15-year old boy, and sometimes I need an outside perspective on our relationship!

The simplicity of teachings about mindfulness together with parenting techniques is innovating and definitely help to reduce conflict and stress in the family.

–  Alyona, Ph.D.   

“I was not convinced that any program would work. But Ana’s program is like one of those extreme makeover shows on TV... except instead this transformation is forever!"

Not only was the content taught in an easy to digest format that I could then take to actually use the steps, but the examples and insights she made up ON THE SPOT for people's parenting challenges blew my mind.

Our previous attempts at changing things had not been effective, and this time we are bringing out our best selves and feeling such a remarkable connection with our teenage daughter.”


“We have reduced power struggles and yelling and are finally bonding!”

"I am a mom of a 10-year-old girl with ADHD and a little boy who will be 3 next week... And these parenting strategies have been extremely helpful with BOTH of them. Thank you!"

Sandra A.


We are able to redirect challenging behavior now!”

My previous methods of ´disciplining´ included using logic and trying to explain to my child with anxiety why he should listen and do what I ask him to do. I didn´t know that those don´t work.

Sam F.


“We end power struggles with our daughter living with an eating disorder before they begin.

Ana´s program does not leave me hanging! Just what I needed. I often found myself thinking when reading about parenting, "But how exactly do I implement that??"  I feel like I'm left hanging. This program does not leave me hanging. Thank you!”

Caroline C.